TRUMP WAS RIGHT: ISIS Drops 25 People Into ACID After Obama Pulls Out Of Iraq.

June 8, 2016

Anyone who thinks ISIS will take mercy or be lenient in any way possible needs to read this and understand they type of vile, wretched, human scum we are dealing with here. The mentality of radical Islamic terrorists is that of a deranged person mixed with 100% insanity. These people think that Islam should be the only religion in the world and that they should rule with iron fists as…


ISIS kills 14 Real Madrid fans near Baghdad, calls football ‘un-Islamic’

May 14, 2016

Residents said they had captured a militant after the attack and burned him alive.   ISIS said the attack was the latest in a campaign to ‘honour’ Abdel Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, the group’s second-in-command, who was killed in a coalition strike in March (Photo: Youtube screen grab) Baghdad: ISIS terrorists shot dead at least 14 Real Madrid fans in a café in Balad, north of Baghdad on Friday. According to…



May 7, 2016

ISIS cell behind Paris terror attacks ‘planned bombing campaign in Britain but couldn’t amass enough explosives here’   As a result the cell reportedly redoubled efforts in Paris – where 130 were killed in gun and bomb attacks Mohamed Abrini is believed to have visited the UK The ISIS cell behind the Paris terror attacks had reportedly planned a massive bombing campaign in Britain but couldn’t amass enough explosives here….