Donald Trump Gets Some AWFUL News, Its Happening

December 8, 2016

A disturbing new development in the current voting recount has revealed that Donald Trump has lost 16,648 votes in Pennsylvania in the last week. The Gateway Pundit reported that the final certified results in Pennsylvania had Trump earning 2,961,658 votes, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won 2,913,903 votes, meaning the difference between them was 47,755 votes. However, on November 29, the New York Times reported that Trump was winning the state with 2,959,839 votes, while…


OH MY GOD! Pennsylvania Voting Gap Drops MASSIVELY – IT’S HAPPENING…

December 2, 2016

As you know, Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton have teamed up in order to steal the Presidency from Trump. They demanded a recount in a number of states and one of theses states was Pennsylvania. Trump supporters were not worried at all since the gap between Trump and Hillary in this state was over 70 000 votes. Well, the newest reports that come from Pennsylvania show otherwise… the difference is…


BREAKING – Romney Makes JAW-DROPPING Trump Announcement, People Are Stunned

November 30, 2016

Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, and Reince Priebus walked into a bar… No, it’s not a joke, folks. The trio of Republicans sat down to break bread in NYC this week and have a chat—presumably about the future of America. Mitt Romney said he is “impressed” with President-Elect Trump, and he now firmly believes Trump is “the very man who can lead us to that better future.” The former Massachusetts governor and…


Wikileaks: ‘If Trump Doesn’t Take Clinton Down, We Will’–Crushing Blow Revealed

November 29, 2016

Julian Assange and Wikileaks reacted to the news that the Trump Administration may not take action against Hillary Clinton with a promise of action of their own. In a letter hand-delivered from the Ecuadorian Embassy to The Daily Mirror, Assange revealed that he and his team have been prepared for this very thing.  It is important to point out that the mainstream media is lying about what Trump said about charging…


BREAKING: Ohio Is Leaving Donald Trump For Hillary Clinton, See The Reasons

October 15, 2016

A month ago, the perennial swing state of Ohio was slipping away from Hillary Clinton, who was struggling to win over working class whites and impress jaded millennials. Today, Ohio looks more and more like it is hers to lose. The story of why is about Donald Trump: The Republican nominee delivered a woeful opening debate performance, spent days feuding with a former Miss Universe, and it was all capped…