Breaking: Trump Has Overruled Cabinet, Leaves Everyone In Shock

The secret meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House grew heated early and often. It was a top level only meeting and the stakes were huge.The cabinet began the debate and Trump sat back and listened to all the different viewpoints.

That’s what makes him so successful as President and as a businessman. He really listens to everyone’s point of view.

He listens to all the experts, he asks the tough questions and he demands they give him the honest answers.

According to Axios, the meeting grew quite contentious as the fierce internal debate over what to do on trade and specifically on tariffs consumed the cabinet for hours.

The decision is Trump’s and from all reports the President overruled his cabinet and will double down on his major campaign pledge.

More than 20 top officials were there, including Trump and Vice President Pence, and Trump made it clear after hearing from the room that Trump is dead set on imposing tariffs — possibly in the 20% range — on steel, and other imports.

Among the other imports Trump is considering hitting with tariffs to protect the American worker include aluminum, semiconductors, paper, and appliances like washing machines.

 Greedy American corporations are you listening? Bring the jobs back or pay the price.

One official told Axios the swamp was against Trump on this with 22 people in the meeting voting against tariffs and 3 in favor.

Luckily for the American worker Trump was one of the three.

No official decision has been made and there will be of course some more negotiations but all the liberals and Republicans and creatures of the swamp who said Trump would never follow through on his pledge to protect the American worker were stunned by the announcement.

When will they learn Trump does what he says?

Besides Trump, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Steve Bannon, trade policy director Peter Navarro, and senior policy adviser Stephen Miller all supported plan.

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Source : conservativearmy88