BREAKING: Hillary May End Up In Jail After All – All Thanks To Trey Gowdy

August 13, 2016

Trey Gowdy’s exchange with FBI Director James Comey about his get out jail free pass to Hillary Clinton is one for the record books. In one fell swoop, Gowdy exposed both Comey and Hillary. And it appears Gowdy has bigger judicial plans for Crooked Hillary. Gowdy appeared to be setting Hillary Clinton up for perjury charges. Corrupt Hillary previously testified about her emails to the House Benghazi Committee. Specifically Hillary said…


Bridging the torrent , LOOK better

July 28, 2016

Democrats successfully unite behind Hillary Clinton, an unloved nominee N THE end, Bernie Sanders came through. The senator from Vermont had threatened to take his fight for a “political revolution” to the floor of the Democratic National Convention, which was held in Philadelphia between July 25th and 28th. But when his aggrieved supporters had the temerity to take that threat seriously, by booing the convention’s early stages, Mr Sanders tried…


Clinton beating Trump in three new polls, but race still close

July 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton has regained a lead over Donald Trump in their November match-up, three new polls out Sunday show, but the race remains a virtual dead heat as Republicans head to Cleveland for the quadrennial nominating convention. Clinton beat Trump in a one-on-one matchup 46%-41% in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out Sunday that had a 3.1-percentage-point margin-of-error. Another 8% said they preferred neither candidate. In a four-way race…


Green Party Candidate Invites Bernie Sanders To Take Over Ticket

July 9, 2016

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton may not have seen the last of Bernie Sanders this election cycle. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has offered to step aside from running as the party nominee and allow Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to take over the ticket, The Guardian reports. Although Clinton has enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination at the convention this month in Philadelphia, Sanders has yet to concede…


US election: Clinton says Trump tweet ‘anti-Semitic’

July 5, 2016

US Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton says a tweet from rival Donald Trump featuring a six-pointed star was “blatantly anti-Semitic”. The tweet included a shape resembling the Star of David and stacks of money, with text describing Mrs Clinton as “Most corrupt candidate ever!” It was later deleted then reposted with the slogan contained in a circle. Mr Trump said the media was “dishonest” for comparing it to the Star…